The 12 official dubbings for the first release of
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


During my research for an article about the first German dubbing of Snow White, I got the idea at the end of 2014 to create an information page with an overview of all twelve international dubbings, which were released in 1938. This little side-project is beginning to grow with a small community of fans from the USA, France, Italy, Spain and Mexico (and hopefully more to come). The goal is to look a bit deeper behind the release-story of Snow White, finding new insights and maybe clarifying some questions. It is a real puzzle work, for there really are not many facts to find, but comparing all releases with each other can lead to evidence which was hidden before. My own concern is to prove, that Disney released all twelve versions with individual language-panels, witch-books aso. during the first launch in 1938 and to show it here in picture form. Probably it's an impossible plan because newer releases sometimes have had new panels made, while the original versions are rare collector items if not lost and only to be found in Disneys dark vaults.

This scheduled overwiew is just a compilation of all material I was able to find, partially without any proof of a connection to the originals from 1938. The pictures of the book-shelves and the dwarfs beds can be watched in bigger detail by clicking on the picture. It's for sure work-in-progress, so I have several ideas for expanding all this. I am proud about the composite images of the beds, which I made from single snapshots. Please excuse some bugs like missing squirrel-ears and contrast-faults and such

this page in German

(in order of release)
First Day of Release Titlecards Text-Panels Witch's Books Book Spines Beds Cake
21 December 1937 (Los Angeles)
24 February 1938 (Great Britain)
5 April 1938 (Canada)
2 June 1938 (Australia)
8 July 1938 (Ireland)
(made by Disney)
10 January 1938 (Brasil)
12 Dezember 1938 (Portugal)
(made by Disney)
22 January 1938 (Argentina)
28 June 1938 (Uruguay)
21 July 1938 (Mexico)
6 October 1941 (Spain)
(made by Disney)
5 April 1938 (Canada)
6 May 1938 (France)
20 May 1938 (Belgium)
1938 french colonies (Indochine)
Italian 18 August 1938
(in Norway due to high costs, the songs remained in English)
12 September 1938 picture
forgiftet eple picture
Czech 16 September 1938 (subt.)
19 December 1938
Swedish 27 September 1938
Finnish titelcard
(in Finland the US-version was shown with subtitles)
16 October 1938 - - - - -
Danish 29 September 1938 (Danmark)
Dutch 11 November 1938 US-version
German 17 December 1938 (Switzerland)
25 June 1948 (Austria)
24 February 1950 (Germany)
?22 December 1938 (Hungary)?
Polish 21 December 1938